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The Directorate of Health Centers has been established in November 1975. It’s main objective is to coordinate the administrative activities and to improve the medical services in all the regions of the country.

The Directorate has Twenty one (21) Health Centers and one (1) Clinic.

The Directorate of Health Centers has a Strategy to build a new Health Centre for every 25.000 catchments areas, which provides all the medical services. Moreover, the Directorate of Health Centres is planning to prepare the essential requirements for five (5) Health Centres in the following region: Karanah, Nuwaidrat, Halat Bu maher, Hidd, Isa Town.

All Health Centres are Providing Mother and Child Care Services except Al Razi HC. Even they are providing Dental Services except Zallaq Health Centre. On the other hand Radiology Services are provided in all Health Centres except Sh. Salman Health Centre, Ibn Sinna Health Centre, Al Hoora Health Centre, Bilad Al Qadeem Health Centre and Al Zallaq Health Centre. Moreover, Social Services, Health Educator & Diabetic Clinic are provided in all Health Centres except Al Razi Health Centre. In Addition, National Bank of Bahrain in Arad, Ibn Sinna Health Centre, Is Town Health Centre & Mohammed Jassim Kanoo Health Centre are providing Physiotherapy Services.

The Goals of Health Centers Directorate are :

  1. Provide curative and preventive care services to the public.
  2. Ensure the quality of Health services.
  3. Improve all the medical services.
  4. Facilitate the procedures of Health Centers services.
  5. Evaluate the services and raise the recommendations.
  6. Prepare the studies to improve the services.

Sections of Directorate of Health Centers:

  1. Administration.
  2. Medical Services.
  3. Nursing Services.
  4. Dental Services.
  5. Laboratories.
  6. X-ray.
  7. Child & Mother Care Services.
  8. Pharmacy.
  9. Physiotherapy.
  10. Social Work.
  11. Health Education.

Services Provided to the Public are:

  • Curative services - a free treatment provided for all Bahraini citizens while the Expatriate should pay Three Dinar (3 BD.) for each visit.
  • Preventive services - It includes the child and mother care which has many categories such as Vaccination, Postnatal Examination, family Planning…etc.

Administrative Section Services:
This section is responsible for carrying out the administrative procedures. For any inquiries or problems the visitors can refer to the administrative supervisor.

Medical Records Services:
This section is the front desk for all Health Centres, it helps the clients and directs them to the needed services. It provides Appointment Booking Services for General Practitioner Clinic, Antenatal Clinic, Postnatal Clinic, Diabetic Clinic & outpatients clinics in Salmaniya Medical Complex. In Addition, it provides Pre -School, University & House Maid Fitness Examination. Moreover, it does the procedure to issue death and birth certificate and it does all procedure related to the Health File for example, store, open, delete & refer to Other Health Centres.

Nursing Services:
The patient will receive the treatment according to the physician plan.

Radiology Services:
This section is providing X-ray to the patient who has a request from the family doctor.

Laboratory Services:
Specimen will be taken from the patient who had a request from the doctor. The result will be shown there immediately or will be sent to the main laboratory at Naim Health Center or Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC).

Dental Services:
Most of the Health Centers provide dental treatment and for the necessary cases the patient will be referred to Naim HC. or A'ali HC. or Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC).

Pharmacy Services:
Provide the drugs upon a doctor prescription.

Physiotherapy Services:
Provide Physiotherapy Services for the patients whom referred by Physician.

Social Services:
Helps and direct the patients with social problem whom referred by Physician.

Health Education Services:
Provide Health education to the clients of Health Centres through posters and seminar.

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