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  1. Procedures Related to the Sponsor:
    • To book an appointment for the housemaid Medical Checkup, the sponsor has to accompany the housemaid during Saturdays, Sundays or Wednesdays between 9:30 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.
    • A Medical Checkup form has to be filled, and the following must be presented.
      1. 3 Personal Photos for the housemaid.
      2. BD 10 for Medical Checkup form.
      3. The sponsor and the housemaid’s CPR in addition to the housemaid passport.

  2. Medical Records Procedures:
    1. Check that the sponsor’s address is recorded in the Health Center. 
    2. Fill the first section of the Medical Checkup form that includes information about the personal No., the address of the sponsor and the housemaid, telephone No, and date of the application form.
    3. Give the sponsor a receipt of the Medical Checkup form for reference.
    4. Fill the Lab tests Request Form for (Stool, Urine, VDRL, Hep.B & HID), giving that the requests should be stamped.
    5. Give the sponsor the Medical Checkup form to complete the procedures.
    6. The (Lab Results) should be attached with the Medical checkup form.
    7. The Medical Checkup appointment should be assigned after one week of (Lab Tests).
    8. Book an appointment with the Salmaniya Medical Complex, in case of transferring the housemaid to the Secondary Medical Care by the physician.
    9. After passing the Medical Checkup, the third copy of the form should be kept in a separate file after stamping the form with the Health Center stamp.
    10. The name of the housemaid will be added to the family's medical file.
    11. Record the Check-up in the housemaid's records (for monthly statistics).
    12. After finishing all the procedures, the medical form should be given to the sponsor, while the white copy goes to the file.

  3. Lab Procedures:
    1. Assuring the personnel Data in the lab request card matches with the CPR Card.
    2. Take blood specimen from the patient, and collect all the samples at the same day or in the nearest appointment 
    3. Analysis of Blood, Stool and urine is taking place for the patients in the lab.
    4. Enter all the details of lab results in the computer to be a reference about patient's condition.
    5. Send all the results to Medical Records Section to be distributed in the files.

  4. Nursing Section Procedures: Nursing Section will complete 2nd Section of the Medical Checkup form that includes the following: Eye checkup, Blood Pressure Measurement and PPD Test, the housemaid should come back after 3 days to check the results of the PPD test. Note: If the reading of PPD is more than 10MM, the housemaid should be given a Chest X-ray card, and the Medical Checkup form should be returned to the Medical Records Section.

  5. X-ray Department Procedures:
    1. A Chest X-ray should be taken for the housemaid.
    2. Give the sponsor an appointment for X-ray report making.
    3. The sponsor should be available to receive the X-ray that should be taken to the Medical Records Section to take the Medical Checkup form and to book for an appointment with the doctor at the same day.

  6. Procedures Done by Physician at the Health Center:
    1. Revise the Medical Checkup form and all the lab tests in addition to the X-ray report (if available).
    2. Checkup the housemaid and fill the 3rd third section of the Checkup form.
    3. The doctor is allowed to transfer the housemaid to the Secondary Care (Salmaniya Medical Complex) if is required.
    4. A report should be submitted from the Salmaniya Medical Complex regarding the housemaid's case to the health center's physician.

  7. Procedures Related to the Doctor's in charge or his Deputy:
    1. Check all the results and the Medical Checkup findings.
    2. Sign the Medical Checkup form after assuring that the housemaid is free from any diseases.
    3. If the housemaid is infected with hepatitis B, the sponsor should be informed. This should be recorded at the bottom of the form, signed by the sponsor.
    4. If the housemaid is infected with T.B or (HIV Positive), the sponsor should be informed by the Public Health Laboratory, and the housemaid should be sent to his/her country. The phrase (Unfit) should be written in the form.

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